Falcons V Dolphins | WK7 NFL 2021

The Falcons have found a true gem in Kyle Pitts. As of right now I'd say Jamarr Chase is leading Offensive Rookie of The Year, but Pitts has plenty time to catch up. Atlanta has a very nice offense, possibly one of the most efficient in the NFL. If their defense can get it together they can very much so squeeze into the playoffs. The Dolphins playoffs hopes are all but dwindling away, I think coaching and play calling is one of the biggest issues. At times it's very nice but then at times it seems like they can't get any rhythm or flow. Both teams are in the middle of the spectrum but I can definitely see the Falcons being more successful down the road. #NFL #Falcons #Dolphins #AmericanFootball Twitch: Hallonmars1 YouTube: HallsWay

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