49ers V Lions | WK1 NFL 2021

Jimmy Garropolo looks like his position as a starter is in no jeopardy. I like how the Bears and 49ers have been incorporating their rookie QB's. Almost in the same fashion as the Ravens did with Joe Flacco in Lamar Jackson's rookie season. I can see Fields taking the Job this season since its already destined to be his. On the other hand Jimmy looks pretty secure, Trey just adds versatility in the offense for now. The 49ers have to be consistent and keep there foot on the gas, this game got entirely too close when it didn't need to be. The run game was amazing as usual and the pass game was just as effective. Lions look like a competitive team but I'm not sure what to expect rom them for a full season. Goff definitely could've played a little better but maybe they'll find their way as a team as the season progresses. #NFL #49ers #DetroitLions YouTube: HallsWay Instagram: a.hxll Twitch: Hallonmars1

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