Steam Winter Sale 2021 is underway! Here are 10 game deals for up to 83% off!


Greetings, everyone! Merry Christmas and a happy new year in 2022! As we all know, Steam is renowned for its sales, particularly its annual winter sale, which is one of the biggest sales of the year. The good news for you is that the Steam Winter Sale is finally here. If you missed out on some deals during a previous Steam sale, there’s nothing to fear, as the Steam Winter Sale will be live from December 22 until January 5, 2022.

Be sure to take advantage of any deals that catch your eyes before the end of the sale quickly rolls around. Discounts will be applied for hundreds or thousands of games, DLC content, and plenty of the best games of 2021, too. If you’ve been waiting to splash the cash on some new titles, this is a prime opportunity to pick them up at a discount.

Here, we've assembled a selection of 10 awesome deals from this year's Steam Winter Sale. Most of them are at their lowest price ever, meaning they've never hit discounts this steep before, even in previous Steam sales. We hope you enjoy them. Now, let's check'em out!

1. It Takes Two - $19.99 (50% off)

The first one on our list is It Takes Two. As a co-op adventure game, It Takes Two managed to snag GOTY at this year's Game Awards. While the golden age of couch co-op might be far behind us, Hazelight Studios is here to remind us just how important these games and companionship are. The spirited follow-up to 2018's A Way Out, It Takes Two follows a husband and wife who mysteriously find themselves turned into miniature-sized puppets moments before they were scheduled to tell their daughter about their imminent divorce. While the game's narrative goes to some pretty bizarre places, It Takes Two's gameplay and optimistic message about how important working together is make this game shine and well worth you and your partner-in-gaming's time.

2. Deathloop - $29.99 (50% off, repeat of lowest price)

Deathloop is a next-gen FPS from Arkane Lyon, the award-winning studio behind Dishonored. In Deathloop, two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious time loop on the island of Blackreef, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity. It's been 50% off a couple of times this year, surprisingly, but we can't miss an opportunity to recommend something from Arkane at 30 bucks.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - $24.99 (50% off)

Horizon Zero Dawn is a multi-award-winning action role-playing game that takes place in the 31st century, in a post-apocalyptic world where colossal machines dominate the land. Human civilization has regressed to tribal societies of hunters and gatherers who survive in immense forests, imposing mountain ranges, and the atmospheric ruins of their ancestors – all while the machines become increasingly powerful. The player controls Aloy, a huntress who uses her speed, cunning, and agility to stay alive and protect her tribe against the force, size, and power of the machines.

This Complete Edition for PC includes the huge expansion of The Frozen Wilds, featuring new lands, skills, weapons, and Machines.

4. Disco Elysium - The Final Cut - $18 (55% off, new lowest price)

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is the definitive edition of the groundbreaking role-playing game. You’re a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal and a whole city block to carve your path across. In this game, you can interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murders, or take bribes. It's your choice to become a hero or an absolute disaster of a human being.

This GOTY winner in 2019 is even better thanks to the Final Cut edition, which adds full voice acting and more quests. Just be aware that it might ruin other RPGs for you.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition - $15.99 (60% off)

Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning detail. The Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more. Skyrim Special Edition also brings the full power of mods to the PC and consoles. New quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armor, weapons, and more – with Mods, there are no limits to what you can experience.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition - $39.99 (60% off)

Winner of over 175 Game of the Year Awards and recipient of over 250 perfect scores, RDR2 is the epic tale of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the infamous Van der Linde gang, on the run across America at the dawn of the modern age. This edition also includes access to the shared living world of Red Dead Online.

7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - $14.79 (63% off, new lowest price)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the ideal example of a Star Wars game in 2019. It’s an expert blend of multiple genres. It has characters that you love spending time with. It has the deeply attractive design aesthetic of the movies. But Fallen Order is more than just “a good Star Wars game.”

Respawn has made one of the best 3D Metroidvania games ever. And it’s among the best Souls-like games as well. It is the kind of achievement that is only possible when one of the best developers in the world puts all of its might into making something special. And I hope we get more just like it in the future. Now, for less than $40, you can also grab this in a bundle that comes with Star Wars: Squadrons and Battlefront 2.

8. Dark Souls III - $14.99 (75% off, lowest price)

DARK SOULS™ III continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, journey into a universe filled with more colossal enemies and environments. Players will be immersed in a world of epic atmosphere and darkness through faster gameplay and amplified combat intensity. Fans and newcomers alike will get lost in the game hallmark rewarding gameplay and immersive graphics. Now only embers remain… Prepare yourself once more and Embrace The Darkness!

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition - $9.99 (80% off)

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a story-driven open-world RPG set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher, you play as professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia tasked with finding a child of prophecy in a vast open-world rich with merchant cities, pirate islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns to explore.

The Game of the Year edition brings together the base game and all the additional content released to date. Look, The Witcher 3 probably hits this price in every major Steam sale, but if you somehow missed playing it and have just finished watching season 2 of the Netflix show, it's a good time to buy.

10. NieR: Automata - $19.99 (82.79% off, lowest price)

NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S, and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines. Humanity has been driven from the Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final effort to take back the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, a war between machines and androids rages on... A war that could soon unveil a long-forgotten truth of the world.

Yoko Taro said he won't release more Nier games unless Square Enix gives him a big bag of money, so here we are. Cry with robots, put up with 9S, and dazzle yourself with lots of brilliant sword animations in this postapocalyptic world. Just so you know, this year's Nier Replicant is also 35% off.

What do you think of our selection for the Steam Winter Sale? If you wanna see more of these, please do not forget to like, follow, and share. We wish you all the best in the year 2022!

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