Experience When Playing Diablo and Other Video Games?



In a very general sense, I enjoy video games because they offer interactive entertainment. Sitting and watching a movie is great, but I often find it to be very boring. With video games I have control and I can be involved in some kind of action. I guess it makes me feel more accomplished because I’m actually doing something.

I’m also pretty competitive and video games are a great platform for competition. It also doesn’t hurt anyone and there are no serious rewards or consequences for winning or losing. I like that it’s low stakes and much less stressful than the real-world competition. Real-world competition often makes me feel like I need to be perfect, but with games, you can often rely on your team for backup, and if you have a bad game you can just start another one.

Games also offer a lot of variety. I can play an RPG (Diablo), FPS (Call of Duty), a puzzle game, or even a mobile game (Familiar Warfare) to stimulate different types of attention and skills. I can also easily switch between them and play solo or part of a collective - gaming is very versatile for a hobby.

Mostly I like video games for awesome stories. A lot of storytelling in games is really well thought out - of course, there are some cases where this is not true, but I usually try to get games with a good plot.

Overall video games are a great hobby to have, albeit somewhat expensive at times.

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