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The Skrulls' latest takeover begins! Adorning the covers of your favorite ongoing series, see Marvel's biggest heroes revealed as undercover Skrulls in new artwork this May! Crafted by the industry's leading artists, these stunning pieces showcase just how devious Marvel Universe's greatest cosmic foes can be. And later this year, fans can expect the Skrulls to take center stage once more in writer Ryan North and artist Francesco Mobili's SECRET INVASION, an upcoming limited series starring Nick Fury and Maria Hill that calls back to the iconic 2008 crossover event!

Check out the first batch of SKRULL VARIANT COVERS now and collect them all throughout the month of May. Artists such as Steven Segovia, Salvatore Larroca, Nao Fuji, David Lopez, Khary Randolph, Pasqual Ferry, Francesco Manna, Mico Suayan, John Tyler Christopher, Lucas Werneck, Sergio Davila, Kael Ngu, Leonardo Romero, Trevor Von Eden, Phil Noto, Bjorn Barends, Nicoletta Baldari, David Baldeon, Junggeon Yoon, and Jan Bazaldua helped create the different variant covers.

Skrulls will appear on your favorite titles, such as Captain Marvel, two issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Shang-Chi, Venom, Miles Morales: Spider Man, X-Men, Avengers, Black Panther, Iron Man, Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Spider Punk, Fantastic Four, Iron Fist, Silk, Strange, Wolverine, Avengers Forever, Carnage, Ghost Rider, Hulk, and Immortal X-Men.

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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media for over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media.
Avengers Variant Cover Art via David Lopez for Marvel Comics use by 360 MagazineDavid Lopez for Marvel Comics

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