Explore Canada's Most Beautiful Lakes


Banff National Park seems to be on everyone's bucket list. You are told of the most beautiful blue lakes that only can be found here. When you see pictures, they seem to be edited. They can't really be that beautiful or that blue, but I can assure you, they are!

Now that the borders are open and the national parks are open, it is a vacation for anyone that appreciates raw beauty at its finest. You can see that intense blue for yourself.

We ventured to Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and Yoho National Park. Clustered together on the border of British Columbia and Alberta, they create some of the most beautiful natural sites in the world.

Canada's Most Beautiful Lakes

All of the lakes are within the protection of the Canada National Park Service. Please practice LEAVE NO TRACE.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is home to probably the most popular and well known lakes in Canada. Make sure to add these to your bucket list or travel itinerary. Some are probably at the top, while a couple are lesser known but just as beautiful.

Lake Louise

This is the most popular lake in Banff National Park, and potentially the entire country. With a hotel and large parking lots, you will fight crowds of people to find a parking spot and then see a glimpse of the lake. Once you get to it your eyes will not be able to look away for a minute because of the immense beauty.

Moraine Lake

Banff's second most popular lake is Moraine. This could even be more photographed than Louise, because of the snow capped mountains lining the shore.There is also a resort here but much smaller and there is very little parking.

Even the lesser known lakes that are in the area are just as beautiful and unique.

Lake Anges

Lake Agnes sits above Lake Louise. It is a short hike but a short hike straight up and then straight down. This is where you can get a snack and a tea at the hut at the top. Be ready for long lines, but it is well worth it.

Herbert Lake

Very few know about this lake and I am not sure why. As you an see it is one of the most beautiful reflection lakes. Probably the best we have seen. There are a couple small parking lots that fit RVs and then find your spot along the shore to take in the scene.

Yoho National Park

I had never heard of Yoho National Park until we were actually in Banff National Park to explore its lakes. This incredibly beautiful national park is sometimes forgotten, located just in between Banff and Jasper. It is well worth the detour or extra drive to check out its most popular lake.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is gaining more recognition and you can see why. With a resort and the ability to rent small boats and kayaks and a trail running along the shores, it has a little something for everyone.

Jasper National Park

On your way to Jasper you drive the Icefields Parkway, which is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world and it definitely is. With glaciers, Icefields, bright blue lakes and an abundance of wildlife it is hard to beat. Fun fact, Jasper National Park has 1,762 lakes but only 107 have names.

Maligne Lake

The lakes in Jasper National Park are much bigger. They have camping along them and boat rides that you can sign up for. There are no private boats. The star gazing is amazing at night.

Pyramid Lake

We came here to see the northern lights and it was amazing! During the day you have this fun bridge to an island and there is plenty of parking along the lake for cars and RVs to take it all in.

Canada also has a national parks pass called the Discovery Pass. You get access to 80 destinations for 12 months. They have 3 pricing options. You can find out more information here: Discovery Pass

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