The Best Hiking in Utah for Families


Utah is known for it's natural beauty. People come here to explore in many ways, but for us it is hiking. What are the best entertaining trails or most unique destinations. We do a lot of research and Utah really does have it all. They have short trails that are great for everyone and intense hikes that will challenge the veteran hiker.

Utah also has the Mighty Five. Five very amazing national parks with incredible hiking in each. The hikes we talk about in this article, however, are all outside of the national parks. Not because the hikes in the national parks are not great, but because we wanted to show case the rest of the state and how much more it has to offer. If you want hiking and/or camping ideas for the national parks check out these articles:

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Best Hiking in Utah for Families

We are going to take this in a different direction then we normally do. We have crafted a list of hikes that are good for families. If you are carrying on your back, have little ones you are trying to get into hiking or just kids with a lot of energy, these hikes are good for all.

Kanarraville Creek Canyon

Kannarraville is one of the best for kids and adults. You get to hike through water, climb a ladder next to a waterfall, play around boulders and soak on a hot day. This is not a long or strenuous hike, but depending on how deep the water is, that will make it a little harder.

Zebra Slot Canyon

Zebra is definitely fun. We ran into a group of 9-10 year olds and they were having so much fun. It is short but with a punch since it is probably the most unique slot canyon in Utah.

Buckskin Gulch

This hike can be as long or as short as you want it. With a couple rock scrambles the rest of the main hike is like this. Hiking through towering walls. Check the weather before you go because if there is any rain in the forecast it can be dangerous. Bring the dogs but please clean up after them.

Willis Canyon

This is a great one for families because it is short and the water is never deep. Hike through beautiful slot canyons and then through a semi dry river bed.

Corona Arch

Another short one for families. Corona Arch is the best hike in Moab. You get to hike along rock walls and boulders, climb a couple ladders and then you get Corona Arch and views pretty much anywhere you look. This area is very hot so check before bringing fido and bring lots of water on a hot day.

Sipapu Natural Bridge

Learn about the history of the area and see some of the most beautiful natural bridges in this area. Sipapu was our favorite of the bridges in the area. Short hike to the view point and just a little farther to the bottom. Make sure to check them all out in Natural Bridges National Monument if you are there.

I hope you enjoy these. Add your favorite hikes for families in the comments!

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