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There are hundreds of hikes to choose from in Central Oregon. We have mountains to climb, lakes to find and magical forests to hike through. It's hard to choose and definitely start with what you want to get from the hike. For us, it's usually that we want a challenge and something beautiful during the hike, whether that be a view, waterfall or alpine lake. Sometimes you can only get one thing on your check list but Hiking Broken Top Trail to No Name Lake let us check everything off our list.

*At this time you do need a permit to hike this trail. Plan ahead, but we have been able to get permits easily. Information below.

Hiking Broken Top Trail to No Name Lake in Oregon

This truly is one of the most beautiful hikes and one of the most challenging in the area. You can either start this at Todd Lake which makes it a 15 mile round trip hike or start at the Broken Top Trail trailhead and it is a 4.5 mile round trip hike. Either way, make sure to bring plenty of water for two reasons. 1. Todd lake sits at 6,150' and so your oxygen is a lot less than if you are used to living at 0' or even 2,000'. You will notice I mention this a lot in high elevation areas, but it is a serious thing and some people do not know how their bodies will react. Especially with the added pressure on your heart and the heat in the summer. 2. A couple years back a herd of elk perished in an avalanche at the lake and depending, the water will not be good even with filters (check the national forest website).

Getting to Todd lake is easy, getting to the Broken Top Trail Trailhead is not as easy. You do need a high clearance vehicle but not necessarily 4x4.

We have hiked both trails and both are amazing, but we will write this from getting to the Broken Top Trail trailhead.

From the start you can see where you are trying to get to from just behind the sign. You hike along a single track trail that is perfect with wide open views. Shortly thereafter you reach Three Sisters Wilderness. This short part of the hike through the forest is beautiful.

It doesn't take long for you to reach the end of the forest and you again end up in a wide open area that doesn't seem like it should exist this high up.

Keep following the trail towards the lake, but as you get higher make sure to take a moment to stop and turn around. You will either welcome to break for some water or a breather, but either way it is pretty awesome. You can see all the way to Green Lakes which is another very popular hike int he area.

Once you hit the stream you are very close and you do some rock scrambling and rocky trail hiking. Once you hit the lake you can explore more by going along the shore either way.

This amazing hike is achievable for any hiking ability. With the perfect trail, just take your time. It truly is one of the best in the area to attempt. Please practice leave no trail and respect the permitting system. Foot traffic and car traffic has been a problem and so the permit system was put in place. You can find more information about permits in the area here: Permits The map showing where you need permits in the Three Sisters Wilderness can be found here: Three Sisters Wilderness Permit Map


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