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Idaho has so much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. Hiking, biking (of all kinds), SUPing, boating, etc. What I didn't expect was the hot springs and there are plenty of them. Situated mostly in central Idaho, they are usually long rivers, surrounded by forest and hot! A paradise for relaxing if you can find the ones that are not swarmed by tourists.

Hot Springs in Idaho

After a long day of hiking or mountain biking, these hot springs are much needed and will relax your muscles and mind.

Frenchman's Hot Springs

Near Ketchum and Sun Valley Idaho is Frenchman's Hot Springs. These are usually popular amongst tourists and a few locals. The first pool is usually there all year round.

But don't leave if that is the only pool and it is full. Walk up about 10-20 yards and look for an entrance to the river. Across the river are springs coming into the river. Throughout the year, these pools get washed away, but when the river lowers you can build it back up. It can add another 2-3 pools for soaking.

Boat Box Hot Springs to Sunbeam Hot Springs

Head north from Sun Valley to Stanley. This hiking mecca has a hot springs row. A road heading north east out of town along a river that is lined with hot springs.

Don't just stop at the ones with all the cars, find the sign that has no one at it and have it all to yourself.

Highway 21

On your way from Stanley to Boise along Highway 21 you will find another area that has plenty of hot springs for everyone. Some are near campgrounds, others are along the road and others are a short hike. These are not as popular because of the drive, no cell service and in the middle of nowhere. But here you will find some beautiful spots to soak.

Here are a few other options that you have (we have not been to):

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

Paradise Hot Springs

Goldbug Hot Springs

Horse Creek Hot Springs

Vulcan Hot Springs

All of the hot springs in this article are public.

What hot springs have you been to that we should add to our list?!

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