Hike to Beautiful Glymur Falls


The only long hike we did in Iceland was Glymur Falls and it was a blast!

This hike is only an hour away from Reykjavik, which makes it popular, but it is definitely not easy. The entire hike is only 4 miles, but 1,484' in elevation gain in less than 2 miles. Do the hike as a lollipop loop. This hike is moderate and you need to be able to steady on your feet.

But let's get you to the start.

As you are driving you will see that it is a hidden gem in Botnsdalur Valley and somehow it is able to hide one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland.

The hike starts at the sign, which definitely take a picture of in case you need to follow along.

There is a closed gate, but it is the entrance. It is just warning you that you are entering private land and to stay on the trail while respecting the area.

One of the first attractions is a fun little cave that you go through. Go in here...

and you come out here!

You then have a river crossing which will test your balance, or you can just get wet.

As I mentioned before, parts of this are steep and because parts can be wet all year long, you are provided a little help.

Then after this bit you have climbed enough for the amazing view!

Then another short while you reach the view of the waterfall. The 2 mile turn around point to make it four miles is still at the top. Can you see the people along the ridge?

If you decide to go to the top you will definitely get wet unless you are really nimble and can jump from rock to rock. I still took my shoes off because I am not as balanced as I used to be, but that water was COLD.

Once you get across, dry off and get your shoes back on you are close to the point where you start heading down. This hike is literally straight up and then straight down. Because it is a loop you get something new every step, which I love. Make it to the large pile of rocks and you find your way down.

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