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Most people think of waterfalls when they think of traveling and exploring Iceland, but what else does the country have to offer? Quite a bit and it's all about being in nature and seeing some of the most beautiful natural wonders of this world.

Here are some of our:

Iceland's Natural Wonders (that are not waterfalls)

1. Reynisfjara Black Beach

This was one of the coolest spots we came across. Very popular but small parking lot so you do get a lot of space to roam. The black sand is soft and it is stunning against the ocean and waves.

2. Fjadrargljufur

This is definitely off the beaten path, down a windy gravel road but worth it. At the time you could have your drone to get farther down the river, but check what the rules are currently.

3. Jokulsarlon Lake Glacier Lagoon

This is close to Diamond Beach which is more popular. Large chunks of ice just sitting on the beach, but we enjoyed Jokulsarlon Lake Glacier Lagoon. The icebergs floating in the water was beautiful. Crazy story, our RV went kapoot here. Luckily there were nice road workers and we had a manual, so pointed towards the water, we did a running start. Thank goodness it started and we were able to brake in time!

A Spot We Missed

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Pingvellier National Park. It is only one of two places in the entire world where you can see two of earth's tectonic plates meeting above the surface. You can snorkel in the clear water around the area.

The Blue Lagoon

We get asked a lot about The Blue Lagoon. Here is our very honest opinion about it.

We think everyone should experience it once if you are into hot springs. However, be realistic about your time there. There isn't anything romantic or relaxing about it. Even with the required reservations you are packed in like sardines and people are not just soaking, they are also getting clay face masks and then rinsing it off in the lagoon. But let's start from the beginning. You are corralled into the locker rooms and you must find a locker, which is hard to figure out how to lock. Then you are required to take a cold shower beforehand and then walk to the lagoon. Before you get in you need to find one of the hooks to put your stuff on and of course make sure to wear sandals. But people are throwing their stuff everywhere because there are not enough hooks so you might come back and find that someone put their stuff over your stuff and so it takes awhile to find unless you specifically remember your hook.

A few of the nice things about the lagoon? You can get a drink while you soak, expensive, but still a drink. The beautiful color of the lagoon is actually that blue when you see it and there is a restaurant on site.

Here is what the lagoon looked like when we first got there and within an hour it tripled in the amount of people.

If you missed it, check out our previous article on Iceland's waterfalls!

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