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Olympic National Park is located on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. It is popular amongst hikers, backpackers and climbers. From Mt. Olympus to old growth forests, it has something for every outdoors enthusiast. So if you have one day there and want to do an epic hike, what do you choose? We highly suggest hiking to Lake of the Angels. Tucked away high in the mountains this hike has everything you would want. It's not too long, but challenging, there is some adventure, surprising finds and a beautiful lake at the end.

Hike to Lake of the Angels in Olympic National Park

This hike is 7 miles round trip with 3,329' in elevation gain. Which is A LOT for the average, even experienced hiker. It's not spread out in the 7 miles, but rather it's all in the 3.5 miles getting to the lake. But don't worry, this hike has so much going on you may forget about the miles, but probably not as you will keep looking at your watch to see how far you've gone or thinking you may have missed it. The hard part is thinking you should be a lot farther than you are but you are not because it will take time to do that much elevation in those miles.With that much elevation, the beginning of the hike is an immediate climb, but the first mile is steady. It gets you warmed up for the next 2.5 miles.

Shortly after the first mile you will come to your first turn. At this point you need to fill out a permit. These permits help with seeing how many people use the trail and can help with getting more funding. It takes 2 minutes, so fill one out for the group or each couple.

At around 1.5 miles you will enter the Mount Skokomish Wilderness and then at 2 miles you will have already climbed 2,000'! The mood of the hike changes here, as does the terrain, even though it stays on a single track trail.

Then this interesting part comes. You will have to scramble on some rocks and then up a tree's exposed roots. There is a rope for guidance but it is challenging.

At the end of the third mile you will come to a small lake. Don't mistake this for Angel. We called it "Not Angel Lake" because it didn't have a name and for a split second we thought we might have already made it. Stop for a sip of water or a snack.

At 3.2 miles you will hit the National Park boundary. This is where there are no dogs allowed, so if you brought fido, respect this and turn around. Even though you are so close, respect this area.

Now here is the surprise! After this point there is an ABUNDANCE of blueberries!! They were incredibly delicious and you can pick as many as you want. So bring some zip lock bags and save them or use them as a snack at the lake or the way back down. It was incredible how many there were. We saw a few people just sitting and eating and bagging.

After the grueling 3.5 miles and 3,695' in climb you have made it to Lake of the Angels!! We were lucky enough to have the lake to ourselves the entire time and had fun walking around, having a snack and putting our feet in the ice cold lake (free cryotherapy!). You can see why they call this area Valley of Heaven.

There are no services at this lake so please remember to practice LEAVE NO TRACE.

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