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Don't Miss These Hikes in Sedona, Arizona


Sedona, Arizona is a magical place. Not just because you may find a vortex, but the natural beauty speaks for itself. This is any hiking enthusiasts playground. If you haven't been, I highly suggest adding it to your bucket list. Then add these hikes to your itinerary.

Hiking in Sedona, Arizona

We have been to Sedona a couple times and each time we found the next best hike. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Soldiers Pass Trail

There are multiple stops on this 6 mile, 1,200' elevation gain hike. Starting with Devil's Kitchen sinkhole, then moving on to the Seven Sacred Pools. This spot is very popular among OHV and Jeep tours. We stopped for a couple minutes at each place, but our goal? To find the secret cave.

Find it we did, but to let you in on a little secret if you hit Brin Mesa Trail, you have gone too far, but make sure you do take some time on Soldiers Pass Trail. Have a little fun, see the views and play on the funky rock formations.

2. West Fork Trail

For being an 8 mile hike, this trail is busy! Head north on 89A and find a safe place to park if you do not get a spot in the parking lot. Also a heads up you do have to pay a fee to use this trail, but it is well worth it!

This trail is well groomed and flat so it is perfect for any capability. You will hike along some towering rock walls and beautiful clear streams.

Then you get to the "destination" of the hike and it's a mini Zion Narrows! On a hot day this is a welcome reprieve from the heat.

3. Devil's Bridge

This is probably the most popular and busiest trail of them all. At only 4.4 miles and one little chunk of 600' you have to climb, it seems like it will be easy for all, but remember Sedona sits at 4,350 in elevation. On a hot day it feels even higher.

Even with how busy it is, it is worth checking this spot out. I wonder though when the city, county or area will stop people from walking the bridge. Until then, wait your turn in line to do whatever it is you are wanting to do on it. Engagements, yoga, poses, you will see it all.

4. Bell Rock

This is more of an exploration than a hike. From the parking lot it is an easy .75 mile hike to get to the base of Bell Rock. Then you can hike a loop around the rock, but to get to the top, it's risky. 479' climb up rock, there is no trail.

Have you been to Sedona? What is your favorite hike or activity?

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