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Our Maple Bacon recipe will wow your brunch guests. With just four ingredients, it’s one of the best and easiest brunch recipes you can create in your home kitchen.
Maple Bacon with Brown SugarPhoto byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

There’s nothing like throwing a brunch for friends and family but it can be a challenge to pull off well.

It’s not like you can just make one showcase dish and then serve it to a round of oohs and ahhs. Brunch requires a diversity of dishes that includes eggs, breads and other starches. The number of options can be overwhelming.
Maple Bacon is the star whenever we serve it for brunch.Photo byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

Protein takes a starring role in most brunch menus.

Besides omelets and other egg dishes, you can make sausage, ham and our personal favorite – bacon. Making bacon is so easy. You just pop it into a 400°F/205°C oven and you’re good to go.

While thick, perfectly cooked bacon may make people happy for an hour, it’s probably not enough to wow your guests. After all, you want to give them a brunch they’ll remember for the rest of the day and beyond.

Enter Maple Bacon with Brown Sugar
Maple Brown Sugar Bacon has a wow factor that's impossible to ignore.Photo byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

There’s little doubt that Maple Brown Sugar Bacon will wow your guests.

In our recipe, the fat from rendered bacon mixes with crunchy bits of caramelized sugar and maple syrup to become more than the sum of the parts. The resulting amped-up bacon will take your taste buds from acoustic to electric.

Be warned. This recipe may become a go-to dish for all future brunches. Either way, there’s no doubt that it gives your brunch guests a little something extra to remember.

The Challenge
Phew! We didn’t burn this bacon.Photo byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

Sugar transforms from deep caramel to pitch black coal when it burns. So, if you’re not careful, it only takes a minute or two before amber brown bacon turns into an acrid shoe.

Luckily, the 2foodtrippers test kitchen has come to the rescue!

We’ve conducted multiple tests to create a great recipe that produces luscious maple sugar bacon without burning. The key is to know when to brush the bacon with the maple brown sugar solution while the bacon is cooking. Don’t worry – that step is in our recipe.

Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Ingredients
Our Maple Brown Sugar Bacon only has four ingredients – bacon, dark brown sugar, maple sugar and salt.Photo byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

Our recipe only requires the following four ingredients:

  • Bacon
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • Maple Syrup
  • Salt

Of course, like most recipes, you’ll only get out what you put into to this Maple Bacon recipe. In other words – don’t skimp on the ingredients!

Visit 2foodtrippers for the full step-by-step Maple Bacon recipe including photos and pro tips.

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