Are Warnock’s Omissions More Egregious That Herschel’s? You Decide

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Recent accounts indicate that Senator Raphael Warnock, has some serious family issues hiding in his own closet which may be considerably worse than the revelation of challenger Herschel Walker’s having 4 children
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Author’s Note

This fully attributed, unbiased article was written by the accredited and degreed veteran investigative reporter Kurt Dillon, and is comprised of information compiled from the following sources: The Washington Free Beacon, The Associated Press, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, and The United States Attorney's Office.

For some time now, reports have circulated and were later confirmed by the candidate himself, that Georgia Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker had not been completely forthcoming about his family situation. In that, Walker failed to disclose that he was actually the father of 4 children, or that he does not have an active role in several of their lives.

Across the aisle, the campaign for incumbent short-term Senator Raphael Warnock has taken every opportunity to expound on this inconsistency regarding his challenger’s familial disclosures. However, the information we have recently become privy to, indicates that the age-old adage still stands true. That being: “people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.”

That’s because recently, several reports have come to the attention of The Veracity Report which indicates that Sen. Raphael Warnock’s mudslinging toward challenger Herschel Walker, for failing to disclose his children, or the nature of his relationships with some of them, may not be the most ominous omission of this extremely tight race.

Of course, as with all things we report, the weight and severity of each aspect will be left entirely up to you. Our jobs as neutral journalists are simply to present the facts and make sure you understand all sides of each issue so that you can make educated decisions about who and what you choose to accept or believe--this issue is no different.

To begin, the issue first came to our attention in a story published on June 13, by The Washington Free Beacon. In that story, Alana Goodman brings to light that while Senator Warnock never tries to conceal the fact that his half-brother, Keith Coleman, is a convicted felon who was sentenced to life in prison back in 1997, he’s also very quick to attribute that arrest and conviction to systemic racism. This even though Coleman has had numerous appeals over the years since his conviction and has lost them all.

What’s more, Warnock isn’t only completely wrong about his brother’s conviction being racially motivated, but he neglects to tell anyone that Coleman was arrested, charged, and convicted while working as a police officer. As it turns out, Coleman’s convictions and ensuing life sentence are the result of an FBI sting in 1995 designed to target and bring to justice corrupt police officers within the Savannah, GA police department.

The sting, called “Operation Broken Oath” was acting on whistleblower tips regarding dirty cops on the SPD. According to pretrial court documents, the operation resulted in 11 arrests and convictions of on-duty SPD police officers who were providing paid escort, often running lights and sirens, for heavy cocaine traffickers.

What those 11 officers didn’t know, however, was that the ‘traffickers’ they were escorting while on the clock and using police vehicles and equipment, were actually undercover FBI agents and government informants. According to prosecutors, Coleman quickly became a ringleader in the illegal scheme “using his police-issued handgun and car to escort the purported drug dealers as they drove kilos of cocaine to airports, hotels, and warehouses.”

As detailed in court filings, “Coleman reportedly recruited four fellow cops to provide security, boasting to them the operation was bringing in cocaine by the "goddamn truckloads." Coleman went on to tell another undercover agent: "I know my guys,” referring to the officers he recruited. "They loyal to me and they gonna do whatever I tell them."

The investigative reports go on to say that Coleman negotiated and distributed the illegal payoffs for the security services, often pocketing portions of the money that was intended to go to the other cops.

According to the reports, Coleman "continued to push for more work and more money." He demanded higher payments after an undercover agent posing as a drug dealer offered him $1,500 for one cocaine-trafficking job. "If I knowed I was fucking with a motherfucker off the corner who can't afford [to pay me] no more than $1,500, his black ass would be in prison," said Coleman, according to an audio recording cited in the court records.

Coleman later demanded that the purported drug traffickers place the payments in envelopes instead of handing him stacks of cash, arguing that this was a better way to avoid detection. "No counting by the car," he told them. "[Some witness] might want to mail some shit to 60 Minutes. … ‘I saw police taking some money by a car. Why would he be doing that?’"

Prosecutors allege Coleman received $46,000 in dirty payments and helped traffic a total of 28.2 kilograms of cocaine between November 1996 and March 1997.

On Nov. 21, 1997, Coleman was convicted by a jury of conspiring and attempting to aid and abet the distribution of cocaine, and with carrying a firearm during a drug trafficking offense. He was sentenced to life in prison, and two of his co-conspirators were sentenced to 17 years and 19 years, respectively.

Court records cited Coleman’s possession of a weapon, his abuse of power as a police officer, and his recruitment of other cops as justification for a longer sentence.

Coleman appealed the conviction on numerous grounds over the years. He claimed in court filings that he was "incarcerated for an offense/act that the law does not make criminal," arguing that "conspiracy to attempt" is not a recognized crime. He said the FBI selectively targeted him because of his race while ignoring corruption among white police officers. He criticized his lawyer for providing ineffective counsel. And he argued that the federal government had no jurisdiction in the case "because he was not arrested in any fort, magazine, arsenal, needful building,' or other federal enclave," according to one motion to dismiss.

None of the appeals were successful.

Warnock himself not only continuously lobbied for his brother’s release, but even went so far as to write to then President Obama asking for a pardon for Coleman. This request was also denied, however, in June of 2020, Coleman was released due to concerns in prison overcrowding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To be sure, this is a pretty big detail to leave out. What makes this story much more relevant to the impending election, specifically in the context of Warnock’s criticisms of Walker’s family skeletons, is because Warnock has been directly quoted mentioning his brother’s arrest and conviction as part of his own personal experience with systemic racism.

Specifically, After the 2020 Atlanta shooting death of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, Warnock publicly said: "It has become too common to counsel families grieving from unjust loss, like that of Rayshard Brooks, or to grieve from separation. I have known this pain personally, and my family has experienced it over the last 22 years of my brother’s incarceration.”

Warnock has also denounced "lawless vigilantes pretending to be police," and opined during a sermon that "you can sometimes wear the colors of the state and behave like a thug."

These irrefutable public records highlight the extreme contradiction between Warnock’s public statements vilifying police misconduct, and his personal efforts to support a family member convicted of and given a life sentence, specifically for police misconduct.

Whether these contradictions add up to a more serious and egregious violation than the omissions by Herschel Walker is a matter for the voters of the state of Georgia to decide come November. Nevertheless, it’s important to us here at The Veracity Report that the public making that distinction through exercising their right to vote, are at least in possession of all the facts so that they can make that distinction intelligently.

Reported by Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon -- Because the Truth Matters!

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