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Would You Visit the Site of the Versace Murders in Miami, Florida?

Evie M.

Have you heard of the Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami? Did you also know it used to be the Versace Mansion, an elegant villa with a terrible, murderous past?

I had no idea either. But it's now my new obsession.
Entrance to the Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida where Versace diedDaniel Di Palma Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

What happened at the Versace Mansion to make it "haunted"?

Today, the Villa Casa Casuarina, located at 1116 Ocean Drive in Miami, Florida, is swanky as heck. With a fancy restaurant, breathe taking grounds, and rooms ranging from around $854-to over $1200 depending on the day, you can guarantee a luxury experience. And I haven't even been here yet.

In the past, back in 1930 when the Versace Mansion and before the horrible murder of renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace, it also was swanky as heck.

Originally built in 1930 by a man named Ronin Wolf, and didn't become Gianni Versace's until 1992, when he purchased it for $2.95 million. In addition to the mansion, Gianni purchased the Revere Hotel next door. Versace spent a great amount of money and effort transforming the buildings into a newly renovated, lux private villa. And then was shot dead by a man named Andrew Cunanan, who murdered five people before committing suicide only seven days after killing Versace (July 23, 1997).

After Versace's death, Peter Loftin purchased the villa for $19 million and converted it into a "luxury event space." In 2013, VM South Beach LLC purchased the villa, and since 2015, has served as what it is now: a luxury hotel for all of Miami to enjoy.

But despite the many renovations, reports of spirits remaining have surfaced for many, many years. Since Versace died his spirit is said to still be attached to the villa. Many have reported "Feeling his (Versace's) presence" and that it is a "tranquil spirit that alleviates their anguishes". Also, some rooms in the villa are said to "seem to radiate".
The round tower at the Versace Mansion in Miami, FloridaDaniel Di Palma Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Can you take a ghost tour of the Versace Mansion?

You are in luck because yes! You can! US Ghost Adventures, one of the top ghost tour companies in Florida, offers a specific tour of the Versace Mansion called the "Casa Casuarina Ghost Tour". The website gives all info. Currently, the site says "tours coming soon" so I suggest giving them a call to see if they are up and running.

I will personally be calling soon so I can take a drive down to visit the Versace Mansion. My only question is: Who's coming with me?

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