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H-E-B employee starts online petition calling for punishment-free sick days

Ash Jurberg

H-E-B is a Texan instituion.

Florence Butt started the company in a small town in the Texas hill country in 1905. Her son Howard E. Butt- whose initials formed the company's name, took over the business in the 1920s. Now the San Antonio-based company now has 425 stores across Texas and Mexico and revenues of $34 billion.

Most Texans love H-E-B.

But one H-E-B employee, or partner as they are referred to, has taken their frustration at the business online.

They claim that the new H-E-B attendance and punctuality policy punishes staff for being sick. The employee claims they were forced to work earlier this month despite testing positive and feeling unwell.

The disgruntled employee has created an online petition to "expand the list of approved excuses for absences to include legitimate illness." The petition aims to attract 3000 signatures.

"The new Attendance and Punctuality system was designed such that partners are punished for getting sick. This automatic system is indiscriminate, uncaring, and corporatized. It encourages partners to come to work sick, and puts the onus on them for doing the responsible thing, and staying home."

The target of 3000 signatures has almost been reached, with supportive comments coming from both H-E-B staff members as well as customers.

Your thoughts

Are you concerned that H-E-B employees who are ill may be forced to come to work and possibly infect customers? Or do you believe the policy is in place to prevent absenteeism and staff shortages?

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